And Now We’re Regularly Streaming Live

The time has come. Due to COVID-19 aka Corona Virus, a TON of us DJs is out of work. No. Like, we have NOTHING coming in because everything is canceled. Life has completely ceased. That doesn’t mean we aren’t going to stop playing. Atop of the need to perform and play for just myself, I need to keep my chops up for when we are “back to normal”.

Until this I will be on the following streaming platforms. #Twitch : OGDiskokitty, #LinkedIn : Margot Diskokitty, #Periscope : Disko Kitty, #picarto : Diskokitty #youtube : diskokitty #Instagram: djdiskokitty

I am also using this opportunity to leave Facebook for good. It is a fun tool but I use it too much as a replacement for moving forward in what I want. I hope the people that have been with me on there for so long stay with me as I expand my horizons. 

I am also adding mashups to my page on

Here is my latest live mix from Instagram. It is available on Youtube obviously…

Stay Safe and Please just stay at home for now. Don’t go shopping because you are bored. There are tons of things to do. 

Be thankful we only have to stay home and not go to war, or to the hospital on the front lines. We have friends directly affected by COVID-19 and are grateful that they survived. But the stories are true. Hospitals are short on supplies and the illness is severe. Be Safe.