Upcoming Gigs

Upcoming Gigs

December is looking to be an exciting month with lots of interesting things ahead. First up is my residency at STK San Diego DJing open format from 7-12.

STK 12/6 open format

Next up in San Diego is Diva Tuesdays at AC Lounge on 12/10. Playing tunes written by, performed by, or produced by women.

Then I stop over in San Francisco to do a set for Caliber DJs 2020 events at the Public Works on 12/12. Open to all!

Open Format 2020 preview

I’m not done yet! I then stop over in Chicago for a few days. First at Proper Drum and Bass to play with my home crew.12/18 I do a drum and bass set!

Dnb in yo face

The next night I do a tech house set with Orchard Lounge’s Spencer Lokken and Bethany Lokken at Swig. Flyer to come. 12/19

……And finally, I come back to my new home in San Diego to throw my first official event as a new partner with Rhythm Nation San Diego. We are Excited to bring you Duke Shin from Chicago. He will play on 12/28 at Kava Lounge.

My new San Diego “crew”
Chicago Youth Radio

Chicago Youth Radio

I had the honor of being featured on the WCYR lunch mix on

My music will be played Tuesday July 16 and July 17.

These particular mixes are available on Mixcloud and are clean with no curse words.

I’m Online today on the Greenroom radio show

*[TODAY] May 29, 2019 Stunna presents ‘The Greenroom’ on Bassdrive radio with Special Guest Mix from Diskokitty of Proper Chicago from, 2-5pm Chicago/8-11pm London.

Jay/Stunna was generous enough to have me as his guest this month for his Greenroom series mix on Bassdrive. A huge thank you to him for putting up with me and as I work, sell my house, get ready to move and play music, oh and raise an almost kindergartener. God help me.

If you like drum and bass, if you like hard sounds, funky sounds, melodic sounds, deep synths, grimy synths, this is the mix for you.

Rockerz (Original mix) D.I.S

Serious Business Drumsound & Bassline

Smith Rockerz (Original mix)

D.I.S Serious Business

Drumsound & Bassline

Smith Foreign (Original Mix)

Dub Elements

Ancient Truth (Wilsh Loose Jungle Remix) Fishy

Liquid (DJ Goran Video Edit) Go Cut

Point Blank Ed Rush & Optical

War Dub (Original Mix) Calyx & TeeBee

50,000 Watts (6Blocc Jungle Remix) Matty G

Set the Swing (Original Sully

94 Bad (Original Mix) Sound Shifter

666 Ways To Die (Original Mix) Solo Premium

Gold Rush (Original mix) Subview

Time Maschine (Original Mix) Tommy The Cat

I:D Dayle

V.H.S. (Original Mix) 1991

One More Time (Original Mix) Insomniax

The Papers (Original Mix) DJ Die, Dismantle, Diemantle

X-Redskin dnb Sky Joose

So Much More To Do feat. Surreal (Original Mix) Surreal, Critical Event

M2U (Original Mix) Klinical

My World Ft Giovanca Noisia

Angels Sing (Original Mix) Ownglow

Puzzle (Original Mix) Muffler

2 Deep (Original Mix) Silent Storm

Akov Scaramanga (Original mix)

Calyx & TeeBee feat. Mortlock

And then again (Original Mix)

Quentin Hiatus Mix) Monty

32796 (Original Mix) Mortem

JUNGLE—-Aphrodite & mickey finn feat. mc gq – dark selector

Space Bears



Yes, I saw A Star is Born. I actually thought the story was a bit corny. But I fell in love with Shallow by Lady Gaga. Only thing is while the lyrics and emotion resonated with me the vibe did not. If that makes sense. In my opinion it should have been written as a call in response versus male solo, female solo, duet, female solo. So I reworked it and here is the result.

Work in progress

I’m definitely not done with it. I haven’t mastered it or mixed it down. It’s about half way done in terms of song writing. It still needs the main chorus, of which I need to create a build with tension and stuff. ALL NEW TERMS AND SKILLS FOR ME.

I rearranged the words to speak for how I currently feel right now. If you listen to the song, it is me speaking to you from my heart.

It’s hard to define what you are actually feeling. I’ve got a few items that I have done from completely scratch but I feel these reworks are giving me the necessary skills to truly speak to you…like Anderson .Paak or Mac Miller. Jay Dilla is another master that speaks to me. I hope to reach deep into myself and fine my muse like they found theirs.

Mine has been stifled by self doubt. I wasted 20 years not believing in myself but this little ditty above. That little thing is the third song I have ever put effort into. THREE. And maybe it’s not your style. It’s not even really mine yet, but it doesn’t make me feel embarrassed to have made it. Something, I always have felt before. I would feel shivers as I heard parts that weren’t “perfect”. Even though I don’t even believe in perfection. Only the illusion of it. Perfection is in being. It’s Aristotelian but that’s another show.