Yes, I saw A Star is Born. I actually thought the story was a bit corny. But I fell in love with Shallow by Lady Gaga. Only thing is while the lyrics and emotion resonated with me the vibe did not. If that makes sense. In my opinion it should have been written as a call in response versus male solo, female solo, duet, female solo. So I reworked it and here is the result.

Work in progress

I’m definitely not done with it. I haven’t mastered it or mixed it down. It’s about half way done in terms of song writing. It still needs the main chorus, of which I need to create a build with tension and stuff. ALL NEW TERMS AND SKILLS FOR ME.

I rearranged the words to speak for how I currently feel right now. If you listen to the song, it is me speaking to you from my heart.

It’s hard to define what you are actually feeling. I’ve got a few items that I have done from completely scratch but I feel these reworks are giving me the necessary skills to truly speak to you…like Anderson .Paak or Mac Miller. Jay Dilla is another master that speaks to me. I hope to reach deep into myself and fine my muse like they found theirs.

Mine has been stifled by self doubt. I wasted 20 years not believing in myself but this little ditty above. That little thing is the third song I have ever put effort into. THREE. And maybe it’s not your style. It’s not even really mine yet, but it doesn’t make me feel embarrassed to have made it. Something, I always have felt before. I would feel shivers as I heard parts that weren’t “perfect”. Even though I don’t even believe in perfection. Only the illusion of it. Perfection is in being. It’s Aristotelian but that’s another show.

Good Morning!

My first post on this site! So many exciting things are right around the corner. We are currently in limbo as I transfer from Chicago to San Diego. I’ve taken a break from gigging to focus on production. My next gig is for my “crew” Proper, a drum and bass weekly that we hold at Debonair Social Club. We are experimenting with April 3 and throwing all our USBs in a hat and taking a random one and playing whatever is on it. It shoudl be fun!

Currently I am working on my own projects. I have entered a contest with the Junglist Network in the UK. Currently I’m in Round 1 where they judge the mix themselves. Next round (if I make it) they will count the number of listens on a different mix you upload. I will need the help of my fans. I do not do pay for play services and know this is rampant on social media. I’d like to win the contest on my own talents, I hope that the other contenders feel the same. If not, on to the next venture. Until then, I am invested in this contest because drum and bass is a passion of mine and for some reason, of all the genres I DJ, Drum and Bass comes most naturally to me. I don’t have to think about much when I’m beat matching. It’s really weird bc it’s not the case when I’m doing any other genre. I really think with Drum and Bass I could go very far if I tried….which I didn’t really before. So my new hustle is contests bc as stated, paying for followers isn’t my steelo.

Not a bad way to wake up. My entry into the contest is 2nd in the world in Jump Up DNB.